The colorful and exotic

Fukushuen Garden

The colorful and exotic

What is Fukushuen

Fukushuen Garden was first opened in September 1992 to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the sister city relationship between Naha and the Chinese city of Fuzhou (福州). Everything, from the planning to the construction, was conducted with cooperation from Fuzhou workers (natives) to create an authentic Chinese style garden. It is only a 10-minute walk from Prefectural Office Station. Given the ease of access, why not stop by and peruse the garden?


福州園 入口大門(福州園門)

Entrance (Fukushuen Garden Gate)

Stone Shisa which stand on both sides of the gate will welcome into Fukushuen Garden.
福州園 凌波廊(りょうはろう)

Lingbo Corridor

A corridor that runs along the water's edge with an attached observatory. The panoramic view from the observatory depicts the spring scenery of the Min River in China.
福州園 知春亭(ちしゅんてい)

Pavilion of Spring

The round shape of the pavilion is a reflection on the importance of a well-rounded character. Surrounded by beautiful waters and spring flowers, this area portrays spring in full bloom.
福州園 松竹如醉亭(しょうちくじょすいてい)

Pine and Bamboo Pavilion

A half pavilion surrounded by walls with decorative windows. The shade of banyan trees and aroma of white sandalwood trees evoke the Fuzhou summer.
福州園 三友斎(さんゆうさい)

San You Zhai

San You Zhai is a small study surrounded by a wooded area with pines, bamboo, and plum trees as used in traditional Chinese landscaping techniques evoking a characteristic wintery feel.
福州園 双塔 白塔・鳥塔(はくとう うとう)

Twin Pagodas: White Pagoda and Bird Pagoda

A smaller version, made of granite, of the quintessential twin pagodas that are the embodiment of Fuzhou's scenery.
福州園 回廊式ナイトガーデン パーティープラン

Night Garden Party Plan

Experience the relationship between the Ryukyu Kingdom of the past (now Okinawa) and China at the Chinese style garden, Fukushuen Garden. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones and take time to appreciate the atmosphere and peace of mind granted by the flowers and trees of all four seasons as the park is illuminated around you. Savor the stroll around the garden in an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.


Facility Fukushuen Garden(098-869-5384)
Address 2-29-19 Kume, Naha, Okinawa
Contact Kuninda Terrace Management Office Phone: 098-943-6078 (9:00-18:00)
Hours 9:00~18:00
Closed Wednesday and holidays. In the event a holiday falls on a Wednesday, the park will be closed Thursday instead.
Admission General Admission: Adults: \200 Children: \100 Groups (of more than 20) Adults: \160 Children: \80 ※ Children under 6 free ※ The adult fee is charged to those 16 and older ※ During special events prices are readjusted to \600 for adults and \300 for children
Parking Please use the pay parking across from Fukushuen Garden.

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