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Day tours to Zamami-Tokashiki is Sukaitsuazu!

Ltd. Sukaitsuazu

Ltd. Sukaitsuazu

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Ltd. Sukaitsuazu
Day tours to Zamami-Tokashiki is Sukaitsuazu!

Fine granularity services Sukaitsuazu unique headquarters is in Okinawa!
In order to convey the Okinawa headquarters "Uchinanchu" Staff & Tokyo and Osaka branch office "Naicha" Okinawa good as viewed in the staff both eyes,
Exchange ideas, make a better tour, thank you because we will tell Good luck Okinawa charm ♪
An every year "resort Heaven Okinawa" is made into a concept, it has in stock goods with which you can be satisfied surely, and I am waiting.
the Okinawa tour of "my holiday" participating in this opportunity by all means, and resembling the charm of Okinawa to the full -- "getting hooked" -- please give.

company name Ltd. Sukaitsuazu
Street address 〒 900-0034 Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Higashi 5-18
how to access [A car and a rental car]
Route 58 north for Izumizaki intersection front hotel whereabouts is Star next door.

[Yui rail]
Asahibashi Station and get off at 2 minutes walk.
Estimated fee ★ Zamami in Naha departure day! Old Zamami beach bathing tour 9,800 yen ~10,800 yen
★ Tokashiki day in Naha departure high-speed boat! Aharen beach bathing tour 8,800 yen ~9,800 yen
★ Tokashiki day in Naha departure ferry! Aharen beach bathing tour 6,000 yen ~7,000 yen
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method of payment cash JCB VISA Master

Cash, a credit card, a convenience store

Parking Lot There is pay parking nearby

business hours Weekdays (09:00 to 18:00) / Saturday, Sunday and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (09:00 to 17:00)
Regular holiday Open throughout the year