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Shuri Castle festival "ancient rite procession"

  • Naha

2019-11-03 -  2019-11-03

Shuri Castle festival "ancient rite procession"

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an "ancient rite procession" -- one of the outings of the Ryukyu king, and the New Year -- the procession of "a three-piece temple worship outing" called three days "a first outing" is reproduced. In order that their Ryukyu Kingdom days and a king may pray for national stability and bumper crop, signs that it worshipped at three temples under Shuri Castle are reproduced gaily.

Street address 〒 903-0816 1-3, Shuri Kinjo-cho, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken
event date 2019-11-03
End date 2019-11-03
Venue Shuri Castle Tadashi viewing in front of your garden - Shurei Gate ~ Longtan Street ※ Shuri Castle Tadashi before your garden, you must have the admission fee.
Fee Adult 820 yen
High school student 620 yen
Elementary and junior high school students 311 yen

Shurijo Castle Park management center 098-886-2020

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