A new tourist draw opened.

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2016 May 15, in the vicinity of Fukushuen Garden in Kume Naha
The new tourist attraction “Kunindaterasu” is now open!

The Kunindaterasu?

The “Kunindaterasu”, exhibitions and that can touch the history and culture of Ryukyu and Kume village (Kuninda), is a restaurant, complex consisting of the Liaison Office.
In the lush Chinese garden “Fukushuen Garden” and architecture, such as led to the gradual and rooftop garden “hill”, you can spend a relaxing leisurely time.Please do not hesitate to use as a place of recreation and relaxation as sightseeing or a base which it waits and is walks!

History exhibition room

History exhibition room

Exchange Office

Exchange room

Kuninda Square

Chunji – Square

Kuninda ④

Cafe Restaurant “Guddofa – James Kitchen”

The relationship between the Ryukyu Kingdom and Kume village (Kuninda)?

Okinawa was an independent country called Ryukyu Kingdom once.

Diplomatic relations were connected to Japan, China, and each country in Southeast Asia for many years, and the golden age called the “large trade age” was built in the 14-16th century.

Had supported the diplomatic and trade of Ryukyu is the “Kume village (Kuninda)” now people who live in Naha Kume whole area of.

They “Kume village (Kuninda)” who was the top talent that has been collected from the brought over descent and abroad from China. Kume villagers (Kunindanchu) was also active in various fields such as politics, economy and culture in addition to the diplomacy.


Institution name Kunindaterasu
Address 2-30-6, Kume, Naha-shi
Inquiry Kunindaterasu management office

Telephone number 098-943-6078

Business hours 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Wednesday regular holiday)
Details of institutions Exchange room (charge)
History exhibition room (no charge)
Parking lot Fukushuen Garden Please use the opposite of pay parking.

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