Kuninda area

Naha through the eyes of a high school student - 2

Even before Okinawa became the unified Ryukyu Kingdom with Shuri as its capital, Kume used to be home to the many diplomats and professionals sent by the Ming at the request of King Satto of Chuzan (central part of Okinawa).

There is a small street called “Kuninda Nakamichi” that goes from Kume Odori to the Matsuyama-dori Street.This is where I want to take you today.



You will first be greeted by this stone dragon’s head. On his neck is carved “Kuninda Nakamichi”.



Along the sidewalks are embedded stone plates illustrating the history of Kuninda.



Intersections are painted with daffodils and dianthus flowers, which are also featured on top of Kuninda district’s banner during the Great Tug-of-war festival.


On this street behind the Fukushu-en garden is one of three steles that were erected as an evocation of the Rong Shou Yan, a famous monument of Fuzhou, Naha’s sister city in China.


Fukushuen garden


Well, that was “Kuninda nakamichi”!

Also, the Fukushu-en garden and the nearby Shiseibyō Confucian temple are really worth a look. Come and see by yourself!