Notice of admission charge for Fukushuen Garden

“Fukushuen Garden” is, as a friendship city signed 10 anniversary of the China Fuzhou City 70 anniversary, as well as Naha Naha municipal organization, will be the opening of the park has been a Chinese garden in 1992 September.
Tourism has come garden’s an increase from the area due to customer growth, so that it can provide a better service, and charge for this zoo in April 28 years, so we have decided to collect the entrance fee as follows: , we will inform you.
Fukushuen Garden We ask everyone for your use is, kindly, you understand the gist of the charge for, thank you look forward to your cooperation for a similar, use of the garden to this in the future.

Admission fee (per person)

Individual Adult of 200 yen Child of 100 yen
Organization (20 or more persons) Adult of 160 yen Child of 80 yen

※1 The child refers to the person below a junior high school student, and the adult refers to the other person.

※2 The person before elementary school entering school is taken as no charge.


Specification administrator: General Naha tourist agency (charge: Tamamura, Senju)

Telephone: 098-862-1442

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