Information of the Naha sightseeing campaign lady collection

It is information of the 41st generation Naha sightseeing campaign lady collection.

In the Naha tourist agency, I look for the woman of healthy and bright rich culture who bears PR of Naha and goodwill exchange as a sightseeing goodwill envoy outside within the prefecture.

I am waiting for an application of you who like Naha, and you who want to advertise Naha.

The prize of 100,000 yen and an extra prize are awarded to the elected direction.

Subscription period Must arriving at Mon., January 25, Heisei 28 – the Mon., February 29 * same day
Election number Two persons
Qualification requirements The direction which can participate in sightseeing advertisement and a formal event with a sponsor’s directions for one year after the woman aged 18 and over who resides in Okinawa, and a May 5, Heisei 28 certificate grant type.
Sponsorship and a place for application (One company) Naha tourist agency 098-862-1442

Details and the application form should look at the following.

An application handbook and an application form

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