Naha Tourist Information About change of service contents of rental supplies (stroller / wheelchair) (Information)

About stroller rental days

【Changes】 Starting from the day of the event, it is now possible to lend up to 2 nights and 3 days.

[Start date] July 1, 2017 ~


Rental period Fee
Use on the day 500JPN
1 day and 2 nights 1,000 yen
2 nights 3 days 1,500 yen

About revising wheelchair rental fee

【Changes】 The rental fee will be revised as follows.

[Start date] September 1, 2017 ~


Before revision

Rental period Fee
2 nights 3 days free

After revision

Rental period Fee
Use on the day free
1 day and 2 nights 500JPN
2 nights 3 days 1,000 yen

We appreciate your understanding as we thank you.

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