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If it is the Okinawa marine sports, it is a rule at Sea World.



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  • Whale watching
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If it is the Okinawa marine sports, it is a rule at Sea World.

Service of the whale watching of parasailing snorkel tour marine sports and winter limitation is held at two places in Motobu-cho of Naha and a northern main Okinawa island in resort island Okinawa.
Push menu of SeaWorld is in accordance with the schedule of the parasailing! Naha Airport Station - Kokusai-dori Street has been held at the close of the two places of "Naha departure parasailing" and Churaumi Aquarium near the "Churaumi parasailing" trip to Okinawa it becomes easier popular recommended menu.

If you want to enjoy a whole bunch marine sports is a set course also recommended with parasailing in and Sesoko Island "snorkel tour Chibishi Islands" (anti-beach).Or [ that a sea turtle can also be met if the tropical fish and fate of transparency beautiful in the sea are good ]! Since various marine sports are also arranged, please enjoy yourself as the option of liking.
Since I am holding the winter limitation in January - March "whale watching", the sea in Okinawa in one year can be enjoyed. Please let me help making the recollections of the travel to Okinawa by SeaWorld by all means.

company name Limited company SeaWorld
Street address 〒 900-0031 3-3-1, Wakasa, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken
how to access Set location Miejo harbor
Address 3-20, Nishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken

[A car and a rental car]
1. Naha Airport Station Kara Misora ​​to tunnel passes through to the first signal right,
2. Turn the signal which a right hand has a driving range and has a salad bowl in a left hand to the right.
3. progressing along the road then -- a mark -- a right hand -- a Naha beachside hotel -- it remains as it is -- going straight.
4. Turn right into the harbor after passing through the gate on the parking, Miejo harbor shelters arrival (building of triangle roof)

Please and you see from the video of up to triple Castle ↓ from Naha Airport Station.
Estimated fee Parasailing ¥ 7,000
Snorkel tour ¥ 4,800
Diving ¥ 8,400
Parasailing Marine Sports set course ¥ 8,400~
Whale-watching adults ¥ 4,500 children ¥ 4,000 infants ¥ 1,500
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method of payment cash JCB VISA Master Other credit card

Credit card use can be carried out from April, 2016.

Parking Lot Parking available (fee required)

Languages English

Regular holiday Year ends and New Year holidays Up to December 30 - 12:00 on January 4.
Hot shower There is hot water shower

It is a charged shower of 100 yen and is 3 minutes.

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