Relief and a safe and comfortable rental car are aimed at.

OTS car rental and Marin office

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OTS car rental and Marin office
Relief and a safe and comfortable rental car are aimed at.

The detached island in Tokashiki, Zamami, Aguni, Tonaki, Kumejima, and Minami Daito Island is connected.
Since the ship is adjacent to the night Port of arrival and departure, by far convenient to those who harbor use.
Free pick-up service delightful to those who use the hotel in Naha, or a harbor.
The direction of the direction and city hotel stay which want to travel the inside of Naha more,
It is service safe also to child companions with many loads.

company name OTS rental car
Street address 〒 900-0016 Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Maejima 3-25-1 stay N (first floor)
how to access • From the Naha Airport Station out to the National Highway 331 Highway, to Naha city center.
Enter the Route 58, Tomalin terminal building first floor.
The Tomari harbor contiguity.
- About a 10-minute walk from the monorail Miebashi Station.
Estimated fee 1,000-1,300 cc (Nissan note etc.) of S classes
Use - of 5,400 yen on the day
(indemnity against liability -- special)
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method of payment cash JCB VISA Master Edy

It pays in advance at the time of a rental car loan.

Parking Lot Parking available (free)

Languages English Chinese Korean

Barrier-free Written communication Allowed
business hours Business hours 08:00 to 19:00
Regular holiday Open throughout the year
Free pick-up service There is free shuttle service

08:30 to 17:00