Welcome to Naha City

Welcome to Naha City

Naha City a tourist destination in which several cultural heritage sites such as Shurijo Castle are scattered throughout the city.
Find out everything you need to know about Naha before you visit!

The Characteristics of Naha City

The Characteristics of Naha City

The Location of Naha City

The Location of Naha City

The Temperature and Recommended Clothing in Naha

Spring (March - May)

[March] The average temperature is 18.7 ° C.
It becomes warmer day by day and various kinds of flowers start to bloom. The beaches start to open from late in March.
Clothing: long-sleeved shirts, sweat shirts
[April] The average temperature is 21.4 ° C.
It's early summer in Okinawa, called "Urizun" in the local language.
Clothing: short-sleeved shirts, jeans
[May] The average temperature is 24.1 ° C.
It becomes humid at the beginning of the month and the rainy season sets in a little after the Golden Week holidays.
Clothing: short-sleeved shirts, short pants

Summer (June - August)

[June] The average temperature is 27.6 ° C.
The rainy season in Okinawa has a decent number of sunny days, though it tends to pour at the end of the season. The rainy season ends in late June.
Clothing: t-shirts, sunglasses
[July] The average temperature is 29.4 ° C.
The intense heat continues, but the highest temperature is not as high as in Mainland Japan.
Clothing: light and long-sleeved shirts, sunglasses, hats
[August] The average temperature is 29.0 ° C.
It is the best time for marine activities. There are occasional thunderstorms.
Clothing: sunglasses, hats, light long-sleeved shirts

Fall (September - November)

[September] The average temperature is 28.2 ° C.
The heat continues until the middle of the month. Typhoons come near Okinawa in September as well.
Clothing: short-sleeved shirts, sunglasses
[October] The average temperature is 26.4 ° C.
It becomes cooler in the early mornings and evenings.
Clothing: short-sleeved shirts, thin cardigans
[November] The average temperature is 22.5 ° C.
The weather is stable over all although it becomes cloudy from time to time when the north wind blows.
Clothing: long-sleeved shirts, thin cardigans

Winter (December - February)

[December] The average temperature is 18.7 ° C.
There are few rainy days although the wind becomes cold. It becomes even colder after the winter solstice.
Clothing: sweatshirts, jeans
[January] The average temperature is 18.5 ° C.
There are many rainy days because of the strong northeastern monsoons. The lowest temperature is 10 ° C, however, it feels colder than the actual temperature due to the strong wind.
Clothing: jackets, sweaters
[February] The average temperature is 16.1 ° C.
As in January, it is cold some days and warm other days; however, it becomes warmer and warmer as it rains.
Clothing: jackets, light coats
[February] The average temperature is 16.1 ° C.

Data regarding Naha City

Population 323,200
Area 38.99 km²
Yearly tourists 7,763,000
Yearly average temperature 23.1 ° C
Yearly clear days 217 days


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