The biggest awamori store in Okinawa

Koosya Matsuo Store

Koosya Matsuo Store

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Koosya Matsuo Store
The biggest awamori store in Okinawa

Plenty of choice from all 48 distilleries in Okinawa. A lot or rare varieties of awamori available only locally. Taste and find your favourite with our awamori specialists.

company name Makoto Original Goods Co., Ltd.
Street address 〒 900-0015 Okinawa Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Kumoji 3-4-18
how to access By Monorail
Get off at Kencho Mae (Prefectural Office) Station and take Kokusai-dori Street (5-minute walk)
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method of payment cash JCB VISA Master CUP Edy Other credit card

waon Quick Pay

Parking Lot No Parking There is pay parking nearby

business hours 9:00-22:30.
Regular holiday Open throughout the year
Delivery service Domestic shipping possible