Select best selection of the good things worked in the prefecture artists

Umiso Kokusai-dori Street shop

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Umiso Kokusai-dori Street shop
Select best selection of the good things worked in the prefecture artists

Original products of Umiso, of course, offers a wide lot of carefully selected works that feel the breath of nature and tradition of Okinawa.
From pottery, glass, and woodwork - to a brooch or cosmetics. Have calm island time on the bright inside of a shop which made white the keynote.
Kokusai-dori Street it is a store that is a long time near Makishi Station, but the interior in December 2014, was renewed open instead in a new design to the exterior both.

company name Ltd. Umiso
Street address 〒 900-0013 2-7-22, Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken Cosmo Bill 1F
how to access [Yui rail (monorail)] Alighting 1 minute from "Makishi Station."

[Bus] On foot-from on foot-from "Yasusato" bus stop 1 minute, and "Makishi" bus stop 1 minute

[Car Rent-A-Car] Route 58 "Night" intersection, or Route 330 from "Asato crossroads" intersection to "Motodera Street Takashi".Located on the right-hand side advanced 1-2 minutes into the bend the "Asato three-way fork in the road", "Kokusai-dori Street".
Estimated fee Original organic cotton T-shirt 2,900 yen -
Original ecology bag 900 yen -
Nature group Cookie 450 yen -
Ryukyu glass 1,600 yen -
Yachimun 1,600 yen ~
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method of payment cash JCB VISA Master CUP

Payment by credit card, we have been from the tax-included price ¥ 1,000 or more.

business hours 10:00 - 22:00 (up to weekend public holiday 23:00)
Regular holiday Open throughout the year
Delivery service Domestic shipping possible