The question which often exists


Q. Please let me know the empty situation of a hotel, and a charge.

Please ask each hotel about an empty situation and a charge. The member hotel is introduced in the homepage.

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Tourist facilities

Q. Where is BBQ made?

Facility that can BBQ in Naha city will be "Naminoue Beach".

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Q. Is it best to carry out what kind of dress to the Okinawa sightseeing?

details -- a NAHANAVI site -- Welcome!, since I have indicated to Naha, please confirm there.

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Q. Please let me know ATM which can draw out money with an overseas card in Naha.

ATM of a post office to use is possible. Naha Tourist Information nearest of Seven Bank nearby (Makishi Station campus) even is available.

Q. Where should it go to make foreign currency into the Japanese yen?

A near foreign currency money-changing machine becomes the following from a tourist information center.

- Bank of Okinawa Makishi branch
· The first Makishi Public Market
· FamilyMart Scion Square store
- Tisdale co Japan Kokusai-dori Street (Wa the shop on the ground floor) 14:00 to 19:00
- Travelex Naha Kokusai-dori Street shop 9:30 to 19:00


Q. Chapter going to tell the business hours of the tourist office.

Business hours will have been till <1>:00 to <2>:00.
* Open throughout the year

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Q. Is there any guidebook?

I have distributed the pamphlet of the tourist draw in Naha inner and Okinawa, the guidebook, and the event flier in the tourist information center.

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Q. Please let me know the event performed during Okinawa stay.

About the event held in Naha, as soon as details are announced, I am introducing the contents of an event by the homepage. Please check from the event list of NAHANAVI site for more information.

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