Privacy policy

Naha Navi (henceforth, book site) is a general corporation. It is the Naha sightseeing information portal site which the Naha tourist agency manages.

At this site, a privacy policy (basic policy about private information proctection) is defined as follows, and in comfort, you, users, are tackling so that you can use.

Personal information use purpose

I use a user’s personal information in principle for an improvement of the future about the opinion and demand to the reply about an inquiry to this site, and this site.

About collection of personal information

It is made to a rule [ registration / of the information by a user’s intention ] when you offer personal information through this site. In collection of personal information, I will specify the collection purpose beforehand.

About use of personal information, and offer

The personal information obtained through this site is not disclosed to a third party without a user’s prior consent. However, when there is an indication request based on a statute, there is no prior consent of a user and that I am allowed to disclose necessary minimum information occurs.

About management of personal information

At this site, it strives for a user’s private information proctection by managing appropriately and severely and taking the suitable measure for prevention of disclosure of personal information, loss, an alteration, etc. against the collected personal information.

About Cookie (Cookie)

A user’s Cookie information is collected and referred to at this site. Cookie information is information which uses the technology of the industry standard of Cookie and a website transmits to the hard disk of a user’s computer for the purpose of record storage. A user’s personal information is not collected by Cookie.

About collection of an access log

This site, there is that your users to collect hardware and software information for your computer. This information, IP address, browser type, domain name, access time, contains the URL, etc. of a web site that is referenced. This site survey such as usage trends of this site these information, is intended to use the analysis as a general statistical information for performing, certain personal information is not done.

About change of a privacy policy, and a notice

At this site, the contents of the privacy policy may be changed without a prior preliminary announcement with change of a statute etc., change of a policy of operation, etc. Since the notice to a user is omitted, please refer to the newest contents of this page in the case of use.