Walk through the heart of Naha

Kokusai Street is the
It's a bustling place with

START : Prefectural Office Station

  • 3-minute walk (190m)

  • Miyako no yukishio (salt shop)

    A gift from the sea

    A very fine salt made from the deep sea waters of Miyako Island, using a unique technique. This salt contains a lot of minerals and very few impurities. Sold as a high quality table salt, it is also used in a lot of delicious snacks, and even in cosmetics. These all come in gift-sized packs for you to take them home. You can also order a plain milk soft cream and sprinkle it to your liking with our flavored salts, for a new kind of ice cream experience.

  • 2-minute walk (120m)

  • Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Kokusai Street Store


    Official shop selling original Churaumi Aquarium goodies. There is also a fish tank with popular clown fish and spotted garden eels, for you to get a preview of the real aquarium experience.

  • 3-minute walk (250m)

  • Kaiso Matsuo Store


    A shop selling original accessories and T-shirts with designs inspired by
    Okinawa fauna, flora and culture, each chose by a member of the staff according to one of his interests, from the preservation of dugons, to traditional sabani boats.

  • 4-minute walk (300m)

  • Arakaki Chinsuko Store

    400 years of making sweets

    This old family-owned store continues making chinsuko following the recipe from their ancestor, the last cook of Shurijo castle. Other traditional sweets from the times of Ryukyu Kingdom, including some exclusives, are also available and make for a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

  • 1-minute walk (69m)

  • Keystone - Makishi Store

    A showroom for Ryukyuan arts and crafts

    Conceived as a space for both confirmed artisans and younger designers to showcase their works, this store has brought a fresh sense of excitement to the world of Okinawan traditional crafts. It is also popular for the variety of styles - old and new - from which to choose.

  • 2-minute walk (160m)

  • SuiSavon - Kokusai Street Matsuo Store

    Soap and cosmetics with an Okinawan fragrance

    These handmade soaps made with local produce such as Acerola or passion fruit, selected for their health and beauty benefits. Prolong your Okinawan experience by taking some of these natural and rich scents home, or share them with your loved ones.

  • 5-minute walk (400m)

  • Mango House, Kokusai Street Store 1

    Aloha shirts the Okinawan way

    In Okinawa, a good looking "Kariyushi wear" - the local take on Aloha shirts - is an essential item of clothing. Mango House shirts are all designed in-house, with a accent on playfulness. Dress like a local to spice up your trip. You can even get an outfit for the whole family, as there is also a well-stocked kids' section.

  • 移動距離1.5km


Course map

  1. Miyako no yukishio (salt shop)
  2. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Kokusai Street Store
  3. Kaiso Matsuo Store
  4. Arakaki Chinsuko Store
  5. Keystone - Makishi Store
  6. SuiSavon - Kokusai Street Matsuo Store
  7. Mango House, Kokusai Street Store 1