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A short run around Shurijo Castle

A 30-minute course around Shurijo castle, starting from Gibo station. Though short, this course will likely provide some challenge as Shuri is on the hilly side. You can also walk and enjoy the old capital's atmosphere. There are also a few place where you can take a break and buy a drink along the way.

START : 最寄りのバス停、駅をご確認ください

  • Monorail Gibo Station → Straight along Prefectural Route 82 → Turn right at Torihori Intersection onto Ryutan Street → Left at Prefectural University of Arts → Enkakuji Temple → Benzaiten-do → Kukeimon Gate → Kankaimon gate → Shureimon Gate → Turn right at Shurijo mae intersection → Turn left at Ikehata Intersection → Right at Yamakawa intersection → Straight along Tobaru Hondori Street → 宜保交差点右折→ゆいレール儀保駅

    Distance: about 3.4km
    Jogging: 30 min.
    Walking: about 45 min.


Course map