For those long Okinawan nights…

Enjoy a pub crawl through the city!

Many towns in Naha get busier and more bustle from the evening.
Why don’t you go for bar hopping and explore popular places for both locals and visitors?
Enjoy your drinks in moderation with a good manner!

START : Asato Station

  • 2 minutes walk (140m)

  • Sakaemachi Market

    The town with nostalgia for post-WW2 period

    Many shops and restaurants are in the good-old arcade and on the streets surrounding the area.
    The shopping arcade is such a maze of alleyways. At daytime, you can see how the local people live. On the other hand, at night, the arcade turns to the bustling place with bars and japanese-style pubs.
    Enjoy your drinks and talking with owners and other visitors.

  • 2 minutes walk (140m)

  • Asato Station, Ride 1 stop to Makishi Station (2 minutes)

  • 5 minutes walk (400m)

  • Norengai

    In total 32 restaurants! 4 indoor Yokocho (side streets) for food

    Food entertainment consisting of 4 zones: Kokusai street Yokocho, Naha Market, Ryuku Yokocho and Okinawa Ramen Yokocho.
    This place is a new tourist spot to enjoy Okinawa and Japanese food of well-known restaurants from all over the country.
    You can start drinking after the sightseeig or even from the morning, whenever you feel like.
    Spending your time for explording food is definitely the best part of your trip!

  • 2 minutes walk (180m)

  • Kokusai Street Yatai Mura Night Market

    Space with 21 unique food stalls

    This is a unique space, which is crowded with food stalls offering Okinawa cuisine with local products, original dish and street food.
    As it is located close to Kokusai St, the place is ideal for lunch, break, bar / food hopping, and in any situation.

  • 3 minutes Walk (250m)

  • Sakurazaka

    The drinking district with history

    Sakurazaka, where the neon lights from bars and Japanese-style pubs come on at night, and you can feel vibes of good-old Japan.
    Some bars and pubs that has been continued from post-WW2 still remain. Meanwhile, there are new and modern facilities such as foreign hotels, cafes and bars at the area.
    You can enjoy a good-balanced town between old and modern with a deep atmophile.


Course map

  1. Sakaemachi Market
  2. Norengai
  3. Kokusai Street Yatai Mura Night Market
  4. Sakurazaka