Up your social media presence by touring some of the cutest places and most delicious foods!

Enjoy shining a light on new areas!

There are a myriad of beautiful scenes throughout Okinawa, so let's find the best of the sky and sea. There are also many colorful and hip locales that show off a different side of Okinawa, so bring these unique spots and delicious sweets to your feed and followers today!

START : 最寄りのバス停、駅をご確認ください

  • From the Naha Bus Terminal, take [#90 to Gushikawa Bus Terminal] for 2 stops, about 6 minutes to Matsuo

  • 2 minutes walk(230m)

  • Stem Resort-Happy Beach

    An explosion of pink!

    Come to the latest photogenic spot on the upper floor of Don Quixote, right in the middle of Kokusai Street. With both pink and teal spread throughout the shop, you can take adorable pictures anywhere! You can even make your own original sweets and drinks by adding your own toppings!

  • 6 minutes walk(500m)

  • Ti-da Beach Parlour

    Tropical fruit and smoothie shop

    The inside of the shop is filled with neon signs and dried flowers to create a unique atmosphere. The colorful smoothies are made without any additives, and the colors come from dragonfruit! Personalize your drink by adding fruit with your initials carved into it. Come with your friends and order different colored smoothies to create a truly colorful photo!

  • 3 minutes walk(170m)

  • バス停・牧志(安謝・古島向け)→「120番名護バスターミナル(名護市内向け)」7駅・約10分乗車→天久下車

  • 6 minutes walk (450m)

  • DAISY…

    A blend of café food and flowers

    A flower theme permeates our café. The walls are decorated with painted flowers, and all of our dishes are served with edible flowers. Order yourself a curry or pasta dish with flowers for a truly unique photo.

  • 9 minutes walk(750m)

  • YES!!! Picnic Parlor

    A playful air with delicious food

    Pastel blue outer walls with red and white striped awning. Based on a 1950s American diner, we use the restaurant to evoke the atmosphere of that era. Add some colorful American cereals to an ice cream cone, it's a sure hit on social media. We also have a menu full of cute and delicious sandwiches.

  • 2 minutes walk(130m)

  • バス停・安謝(国際通り・久茂地向け)→「110番那覇バスターミナルおりばA」4駅・約10分乗車→泊高橋下車→「3番新川営業所(起点)」7駅・約8分乗車→上之蔵下車

  • 11 minutes walk(850m)


    Beachside BBQ in style

    Come to Naminoue Umisora Park and enjoy BBQing in style. Make a reservation and choose from 3 different themes, then just relax as our staff prepares everything you need, all you need to do is swing by after a day exploring! Take that perfect picture of the beautiful ocean or gorgeous sunset, and enjoy the lights at night. Good value for groups of 4 or more people.

  • 移動距離6.5km


Course map

  1. Stem Resort-Happy Beach
  2. Ti-da Beach Parlour
  3. DAISY…
  4. YES!!! Picnic Parlor