Sing and dance all night long

For those long Okinawan nights…

Singing and dancing have always been part of Okinawan lifestyle, from ancient folk tunes to jazz and American oldies introduced during the US military occupation after WW2.

START : Yui Rail Miebashii Station

  • 12 minutes walk (800m)

  • Gold-Disc

    A nightclub dedicated to oldies

    At this retro and stylish nightclub, the house band in pompadours and ponytails plays American classics that haven't aged a bit. Come and twist like you don't care!

  • 6 minutes walk (450m)

  • Guwa Jazz Club

    2 sets a night

    Why not end your night on a "blue note"? Guwa is a rendezvous point for jazz afficianados, and fans of the club's founder and acclaimed pianist, the late Yara Fumio. Come enjoy a live set and lose yourself in the jazz.


Course map

  1. Gold-Disc
  2. Guwa Jazz Club