I will check an event schedule and will form travel planning.

The annual event schedule of Naha

※This page is machine translated※

From traditional events such as Naha Hurley and Charter minced, Ya entertainment kingdom Okinawa seems Eisa Festival
The event which is not spread on Okinawa to a music festival is jostling.

When forming travel planning, according to an event, I will make a plan!

Annual event

Moon Inside of Naha Naha outskirts of a city
  • The party of the Shuri Castle New Year
  • Every place Sakura festival
  • Whale watching (Kerama Islands)
  • Tankan hunting (main island northern)
  • Naha Sakura festival
  • Shuri Castle Flower Festival
  • Okinawa Flower and Food Festival
  • Professional baseball spring training in (every place within the prefecture)
  • The carnival of a flower (every place within the prefecture)
  • Okinawa Marathon (Okinawa)
  • Okinawa International orchid exhibition (Motobu-cho)
  • Higashimura azalea festival (Higashimura)
  • Every place beach opening
  • Naminoue beach sea opening
  • Schiesser’s day
  • All Japan triathlon (Miyakojima)
  • Ryukyu Kaien festival (Ginowan)
  • Ie island Yuri festival (Ie-mura)
  • Ishigaki Island triathlon (Ishigaki)
  • Naha Hurley
  • Carp streamer festival (every place within the prefecture)
  • Beach volleyball Miyakojima convention (Miyakojima)
  • Sabani Ho漕 race
  • Every place Haley
  • Hagoromo cup harbor Friendship Festival (Ginowan City)
  • Naha day
  • Youth home country Eisaa festival
  • Peaceful Lovelock festival (Okinawa)
  • Ocean Expo Park summer festival (Motobu-cho)
  • Festival octopus on Urasoe (Urasoe)
  • Shiboto Chatan Carnival (Chatan-cho)
  • Yonabaru large Tsunahiki (yonabaru)
  • 10,000 people’s Eisaa dance party
  • Okinawa all-of-the-island Eisaa festival (Okinawa)
  • Ginowan deifies also at the time (Ginowan).
  • Naha Youth Festival
  • The party of the Shuri Castle midautumn
  • Ann Gummer (Yaeyama Islands)
  • It will dance in August (Tarama-mura).
  • Hiroshi Itomitsu tug of war (Itoman)
  • Tuvan Rama tournament (Ishigaki)
  • All-of-the-island lion dance festival (Uruma)
  • Naha Charter minced Festival
  • Shuri Castle festival
  • The festival of Ryukyu (Naha)
  • An industrial festival of Okinawa
  • World Eisaa convention (Urasoe)
  • Ryukyu Dynasty festival Shuri
  • Tsuboya Yachimun (Pottery)Street festival
  • Jar store china festival
  • Tour de Okinawa (main island around)
  • Gate 2 fiesta (Okinawa)
  • Okinawa international carnival (Okinawa)
  • Detached island fair (Ginowan)
  • NAHA marathon
  • Yomitanzan yaki pottery City (Yomitan-son)
  • Peaceful illuminations which are and are not rich (Itoman)
  • Friction minute Hitoshi fire and bell Festival (Itoman)

Lunar-calendar event

Moon Lunar calendar Event
January Old December 8 Onimochi (Muchi)
Old December 24 Solve Gogan (Uganbutuchi)
February Old January 1 Lunar New Year
Old January 16 The 16th (Joule Kuni Qi)
Old January 20 Hatsukaiti New Year (Hachikasoguachi)
March Old February 15 February Umachi (training § Chiu gore over)
April Old March 3 Kiyoaki festival (Simi)
Old March 3 Beach down (Hamauri)
May Old April 14 Ridge payment (Abushibare)
June Old May 4 Four days of the day (Yukkanuhi)
Old May 5 May the fifth day (Gunguachigunichi)
Old May 15 May Umachi (Gun guaiacolsulfonate Chiu gore over)
July Old June 15 June Umachi (torque guaiacolsulfonate Chiu gore over)
August Old July 7 Old Tanabata
Old July 13 Bon Festival (Ung Kay)
Old July 15 Obon (Ukui)
September Old August 8 Tokachi
Old August 15 The old August night with a full moon
October Old September 7 Kajimaya celebration
December Old November 13 Winter solstice (Tung Gee juicy)