Naminoue Beach barbecue in the square

Naminoue Beach Square

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About Naminoue Beach open space barbecue use

Please see the reservation receptionist method and notes well and reserve them.

It is during the use of a barbecue in April – October.

The utility time of a barbecue is 10:00 to 21:00.

Naminoue Beach Square BBQ menu・・・PDF

Naminoue Beach Square BBQ application form・・・PDF

* The reservation receptionist method

  • use date, subscriber name, etc., please fill out your application form in the necessary information.
  • Please fill in your reservation number of equipment and ingredients.
    (The reservation of one set or more cannot do equipment with the less than 15 public of foods)
  • If you have a table added, etc., please fill in the number of reservations.
  • other, if you have rice balls order, etc., please fill in the number of reservations.
  • reservation acceptance period,
    ◎ 50 within servings should be addressed to the noon of available day before from a month ago.
    ◎ 50 or more servings should be addressed to the up to 1 month available to 2 days before date of noon from the front.
  • also cancel period, it is similar to the reservation acceptance period. (In the case of a later cancellation, ingredients that have been reserved will be purchase)
  • reservation acceptance paper fill after, please or FAX will have directly Naminoue Beach shop. (Reservations can not be on the phone)
  • towards the FAX transmission, please check of the transmission and reception at the sorry to trouble you, but after sending TEL.

* Notes

  • you bring cooking utensils and barbecue food use of fire (meat, vegetables, fish and shellfish) is prohibited. If you find your bring-your-own, there is a case where I am to stop the use, but I can not do refund of the fee at that time.
  • other barbecue users and act to become a nuisance of park user is prohibited. Soon discovered such acts, there is a case where I am to stop the use, but I can not do refund of the fee at that time.
  • fireworks in the square is prohibited.
  • Naminoue Beach Square of available time of 10: 00-21: 00 till becoming. Please complete your preparation you put away, etc., of your way back to 21:00.
  • When you leave, please have a loan of the car set (tongs, turner, oil, pepper Ajishio Writer basket) and fractionated refuse to shop.
  • is the time of subscription, thank you to sign to confirm column of the confirmation of after application, the term “reservation acceptance Method” and “Notes”. Reservation and accept the assumption that you have to understand that the “reservation acceptance Method” and “Notes”.