Wear the Shurijo Castle style traditional outfit

Okinawa Ryūsōen

makes the most of those contrasts.
We offer both modern and traditional clothing using Ryukyu dyed and woven fabrics, such as Bin-gata, Shuri-ori, Ryukyu Kasuri, Kumejima Pongee, Basho-nu and Yonaguni-ori.We make Ryukyuan costumes, kariyushi wear, dresses, T-shirts, cloth masks, etc.

【Ryukyu formal wear [Dojin Kakan] Shurijo style experience】

We devised an original version of the formal outfit "Dojin Kakan" that was worn at Shurijo Castle so that modern people can wear it easily. Even a beginner can wear it easily by himself, and enjoy Ryukyuan clothes as if it were everyday clothes.
Why don't you wear Shurijo style Ryukyuan costume and enjoy Okinawa?

(Reservation is required in order to prevent the spread of covid-19. Please make a reservation in advance).

More details

Company name Okinawa Ryūsōen LLC
Street address 〒900-0015
Okinawa Naha Kumoji 3-6-11 Maison Kumoji 203

From Kumoji Intersection,
Take the street between the Bank ok Okinawa HQ and Mizuho Bank.The shop is inside the beige building on the left at the end of that street

About 7 minutes from Prefectural Office Station

Example price

【Standard plan】
Shurijo style outfit: ¥4,980
Shurijo style outfit + standard Shurijo style mask: ¥5,980
Shurijo style outfit + veil mask : ¥7,500

【Special discount】
Shurijo style outfit: ¥4,980 ⇒ ¥2,970
Shurijo style outfit + standard Shurijo style mask: ¥5,980 ⇒ ¥3,960
Shurijo style outfit + veil mask : ¥7,500 ⇒ ¥4,950

* taxes included

Website https://www.ryusoen.net
Payment methods
Parking available
No ParkingThere is pay parking nearby
Internet environment
Wi-Fi (free)
Easy acccess
Written communication for the hard of hearingService Dogs allowed
Perks: discounts
Senior rewards and discounts availablePrenatal rewards and discounts available

【20% off your rental fee】
Yuimaru discount
・65 years old and over (ID required)
・Disabled person and one caregiver (disability certificate required)

Business hours

10:00~19:00 (reservations only)


Open year round





098 - 863 - 8131

We might not be able to answer the phone while attending to other customers. Thank you for your understanding.


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