Sueyoshi Park: where the natural and spiritual meet

A walk through the trees and historic sites

In the middle of Sueyoshi Park in Shuri runs the Ajagawa river. South of the river, there are lawns and playgrounds for families to enjoy. Up north is a wildlife area with dense vegetation interspersed with many sites of spiritual and historical significance. It is definitely worth spending a few hours here strolling through the park, whether you are a nature lover or a stone mason enthusiast.

START : Naha City Hospital Station

  • 6-minute walk(400m)

  • Sueyoshi Park

    The park that has it all

    A wildlife protection area with a gorgeous tropical flora, the park also contains many places of cultural significance. For all nature lovers, there are also many opportunities for seasonal enjoyment such as early cherry blossoms in January, Japan's largest butterflies in the spring, or fireflies in early summer.

  • Walk 4 minutes

  • ueyoshi Shrine

    A shrine hidden in the trees

    Go up the stairs from the memorial to find a shrine dedicated to the three sacred Kumano mountains. The original main hall and the stone stairs leading to it were unfortunately destroyed during WW2, but were rebuilt in 1972. They are now listed as an important Historic Site of Japan. The shrine can be hard to find as there are no signs: just aim for the top of the hill. The view of Naha from the shrine is stunning.

  • Walk 4 minutes

  • The grave of Ginowan Udun

    The burial site of an 18th century prince.

    Also a few minutes from the memorial is a flight of stairs leading to a traditional "turtleback" stone tomb. With a total surface of over 13.000 m² (over 3 acres), the burial site also includes the remnants of a house for the grave's custodian. This setting is typical of royal tombs from the Ryukyu Kingdom era, which gives the site considerable historic value.


Course map

  1. Sueyoshi Park
  2. ueyoshi Shrine
  3. The grave of Ginowan Udun