Enjoy a stage show

For those long Okinawan nights…

For a quieter evening, why not got to a stage show and experience some traditional form of entertainment? A few theaters in Naha or in the nearby towns regularly host performances of folk dances and theater, as well as kumi-odori, the musical drama of the royal court. Here are a few places where to see and hear the real thing!

  • National Theater - Okinawa

    Perpetuating history

    National Theater Okinawa is the largest institution preserving Ryukyu islands' court dances and musical theater kumi-odori, and training a new generation of artists. Its regular shows are still immensely popular among the locals.

  • Naha Tenbusu Hall

    Traditional arts Thursday

    This culture center is located right in the middle of Kokusai Street. Every Thursday night, a different troupe takes the stage for a new traditional performance: dance, theater, folk songs ...

Course map

  1. National Theater - Okinawa
  2. Naha Tenbusu Hall