Wander through the center of Naha

Stroll through the heart of Naha

To experience the typical Okinawan life style, make sure to check the many food stalls and vendors Ichiba Hondori Street and the tranquil scenery and traditional crafts of Yachimun Street, right off Kokusai Street.

START : Mutsumi-Bashi Intersection

  • 1 minute walk (76m)

  • Fruit Market

    Local and tropical Fruits

    This shop sells Okinawan and other tropical fruits, included some rareties. They can cut them for you to eat right away, or make you a freshly pressed juice to go. Ideal for a seasonal treat.

  • 1 minute walk(78m)

  • Po'Tama Makishi store


    This store offers you to try a staple of the local workman's lunch box: the SPAM and egg rice sandwich. Pick a topping of your choice among the many options available and enjoy a freshly, made to order onigiri. The doors open at 7:00, for those who like a copious breakfast.

  • 1 minute walk (85m)

  • First Makishi Public Market

    Okinawa's kitchen


  • 5 minutes walk (350m)

  • Naha Tsuboya Pottery Museum

    Learn about a local traditional craft

    Famous for its picturesque alleys, Tsuboya still hosts many of the kilns and pottery workshops that made its fame during the times of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Just at the entrance of Yachimun Street, the pottery museum is the place to learn about the history of the district and of this traditional art.

  • 4 minutes walk (300m)

  • Craft・Gift  Yacchi & Moon

    A charming selection of Tsuboya wares

    The interior of this shop looks like it is straight out of a children's picture book. There are plenty of stylish wares waiting to bring a different touch to your dinner table.

  • 1 minute walk (47m)

  • Tsuboya Pottery Cooperative

    The works from 28 masters in one place

    A showroom for the members of the Tsuboya Pottery Cooperative. Only authentic pieces made according to traditional techniques are displayed.

  • 移動距離1.0㎞


Course map

  1. Fruit Market
  2. Po'Tama Makishi store
  3. First Makishi Public Market
  4. Naha Tsuboya Pottery Museum
  5. Craft・Gift  Yacchi & Moon
  6. Tsuboya Pottery Cooperative