A stroll through history

Walk the streets of the castle town

There are in Shuri a few spots that haven't changed much since the ancient times of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Walk through the old capital and the tranquility of its streets, and down Kinjo-cho's stone-paved path. Visit the King's secondary residence and its lush tropical garden.

START : 最寄りのバス停、駅をご確認ください

  • Take bus lines 1, 7, 8, 14, 17, or 346 to Shurijo Castle Park Entrance

  • walk for 6 minutes (450m)

  • Shimashibira

    A road "beautiful as a jewel"

    A national road built by Royal decree from1465 to 1527. It was paved with stone for the entire 8km between Shuri and the port of Naha. A stretch of the original road was renovated and repaved with Ryukyuan Limestone in 1983.

  • walk for 4 minutes (240m)

  • Arakaki Bee Farm

    Honey from local flowers

    The first bee farm in Okinawa, it was built on land owned by the Arakaki family. The honey, royal jelly, propolis and other products made at the farm are a nice treat for you to take home.

  • walk for 2 minutes (120m)

  • Kinjo-cho Ishidatami Stone Path

    Straight out of the Ryukyu Kingdom era

    This 300m stretch of the historical Shimashibira road just down from Shurijo Castle has survived the bombings that destroyed the castle during WW2. The scenery along this path has therefore remained almost unchanged from the times of the Ryukyu Kingdom.
    We strongly recommend that you wear sports shoes as the stone pavement can be slippery, especially when wet

  • walk for 1 minutes (100m)

  • Shuri Kinjo Great Akagi Tree

    The miracle tree

    Six 300-year old bishop trees listed a Natural monument of Japan. Bishop trees used to be everywhere in Japan, but most of them burned during the war. This particular grove was considered sacred by the locals. It was miraculously left unscathed by the bombings.

  • 徒歩1分(11m)walk for 1 minutes (11m)

  • Uchi Kanagusuku Utaki

    A place of worship

    Just beside is a place where people pray to the spirits of the bishop trees. Worship of natural features such as rocks or trees is an important part of Okinawa's spiritual life: this site is said to be one of the most sacred utaki (worship site) of the islands with a history going back almost a thousand years.

  • walk for16 minutes (970m)

  • バス停繁多川→「14新川営業所(起点)」1駅・約1分乗車→識名園前下車

  • walk for 4 minutes (350m)

  • Shikinaen Garden

    The king's largest villa and its UNESCO-listed garden

    This garden was built in 1799 with a mix of Chinese, Japanese and Ryukyuan style, The villa was used by the royal family or served as a residence for visiting officials, such as Chinese ambassadors. The garden is built around a pond shaped like the character "heart", and contains many specimens of the islands' flora.

  • 移動距離2.8㎞


Course map

  1. Shimashibira
  2. Arakaki Bee Farm
  3. Kinjo-cho Ishidatami Stone Path
  4. Shuri Kinjo Great Akagi Tree
  5. Uchi Kanagusuku Utaki
  6. Shikinaen Garden