A stroll through history

World heritage and cultural heritage around Shurijo Castle

After a devastating fire burned down the Seiden (main hall) of Shurijo Castle, only part of the park remains open. But fear not! The history that permeates the Shuri area is potent. Come see the past of the Ryukyuan Kings, and the buildings they frequented.

START : 最寄りのバス停、駅をご確認ください

  • Take bus lines 1, 7, 8, 14, 17, or 346 to Shurijo Castle Park Entrance

  • 5 minutes walk (400m)

  • Tama-udun Royal Mausoleum

    See the last of the second Osho Dynasty protected by stone walls

    Tama-udun was constructed by King Sho Shin for his father, King Sho En in 1501, and has been recognized as a World Heritage Site. It is one of the largest tombs in Okinawa. We recommend starting with the underground permanent display to build your understanding before tackling the rest of the mausoleum.

  • 5minute walk(350m)

  • Shureimon Gate

    The symbol of Okinawa that graces the 2000 yen bill.

    Shurei means “observe the proprieties”. Of the many gates around Shurijo Castle, Shureimon Gate is the grandest and most beautiful. The gate was constructed between 1527-55, and was designated as a national treasure. The current gate is a reconstruction that was completed in 1958.

  • 1minute walk(45m)

  • Sonohyan Utaki Ishimon

    Where the prayers of the King were offered

    King came to pray for the peace and prosperity of the realm.

  • 2minute walk(200m)

  • Enkakuji Temple



  • 1minute walk(57m)

  • Benzaitendo and Enkanchi



  • 4minute walk(350m)

  • Ryutan Pond



  • 6minute walk(450m)

  • Tamanaha Miso Shoyu



  • 移動距離1.8㎞


Course map

  1. Tama-udun Royal Mausoleum
  2. Shureimon Gate
  3. Sonohyan Utaki Ishimon
  4. Enkakuji Temple
  5. Benzaitendo and Enkanchi
  6. Ryutan Pond
  7. Tamanaha Miso Shoyu