Naha through the eyes of a high school student

Tsuboya Pottery Street

Situated right in the centre of Naha, the historic potters’ district of Tsuboya offers a glimpse into the city’s past. The main street, Yachimun-dori, with its many cafés and pottery shops selling local “Tsuboya ware”, has some of the best sights in Naha. But there is actually a lot more to see and do in Tsuboya…

Step into one of the side alleys and you will be greeted by age-old stone walls and red tiles roofs. You might also run into some listed cultural assets from before the war, such as the Agari (east) or Fē (south) kilns, or a water well still in use today. There are plenty of views reminiscent of ancient times.

Some workshops even offer to teach you how to make your own cup, or a shīsā lion. So why not come with friends or family and take a trip back in time ?