A long-established Okinawan-style kimono store

Jumonji Kimono shop Jumonji Kimono shop

We have a large selection of traditional Okinawan fabrics to chose from, from kimonos to small souvenirs like handkerchiefs and coin purses.

Okinawa has many local varieties of woven and dyed fabrics. We sell top quality fabrics: mostly Ryukyu bingata dyes and Shuri-ori fabric, with also a choice of Bashofu (a very rare fabric made from banana fibers) and Yaeyama jofu.
Ryukyu bingata is well known for its vibrant colours: our kimonos and belt are made by the Shiroma family, one of the three historic houses of bingata dyers from the Ryukyu Kingdom period.
Made just outside the walls of Shurijo castle, Shuri-ori woven fabrics are remarkable for their elegant motifs and hues. Recently, easy-to-wear half width obi (belts) are especially popular.
We can also make kimonos to order, just tell us about the design you'd like to wear.

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Company name Jumonji Kimono shop
Street address 〒900 - 0036
Okinawa, Naha, Matsuo 2-8-6

Near the middle of Kokusai Street, across from JAL City Hotel

Example price

Bingata dyed handkerchiefs (Shiroma House): from ¥1000 + taxes
Shuri-ori half-width obi belt: from ¥24.800 + taxes

Website https://jumonjiya.jp/
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Parking available
Paid Parking available

1-hour free parking at Owan paid parking (across the shop) for customers purchasing over ¥3,300.

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