Move around Naha

Take the Yui-rail

Naha City is an attractive city with many great sights and interesting spots, and even a few World Heritage Sites such as Shurijo Castle and the Shikinaen Royal Garden. A lot of Naha’s best places are within walking distance of the almost brand new monorail system.

Take the Yui-rail

Originally running between Naha Airport and Shuri, the line was extended to Urasoe City in 2019. The fare ranges between ¥230~¥370, with a 50% discount for children under 12. If you plan on using the monorail multiple times. you can also purchase a pass for one (¥800) or two days (¥1400). Tickets and passes are available at every station.

Trains run from about 6:00 to 23:30, with a train every 5-10 minutes in the daytime. It is a very convenient way to bypass traffic, and also allows you to move around Naha while enjoying the view from the monorail’s window.

Here is a quick list of Naha City’s main spots, and how to access them by the monorail.

01- Naha Airport

02-Akamine Station

● Second-hand stores (electronics, games, clothes, furniture, books etc…)



03-Oroku Station

● AEON Naha Shopping Center
● Senaga Island – Umikaji Terrace Hotel and resort (about 10 minutes by taxi)

Senaga Island


04-Onoyama Athletic Park Station

● Onoyama Athlectic Park (swimming pool, sports grounds, children playgrounds…)
● Okinawa Cellular Stadium
● Gokoku Shrine
● Manko Wetland Center (mangrove tours and wetland wildlife center) – 20 minute-walk.


05- Tsubogawa Station

06- Asahibashi Station

Naha Bus Terminal (local and highway buses)
● OPA Naha – restaurants and shopping center
● Okinawa Prefectural Library
Okinawa Tourist Information Center

Naha Bus Terminal

07- Prefectural Office Station

● Okinawa Prefectural Office Bld.
Palette Kumoji Department Store (Naha Municipal History Museum)
Kokusai Street


08- Miebashi Station

● Junkudo (book store)
Naha Cultural Arts Theater NAHart
Kokusai Street
● Tenbusu Naha (Naha City Tourist Information Center / Naha Traditional Crafts Center)
Makishi Public Market (10-minute walk)
● Ukishima Street


09- Makishi Station

Kokusai Street
Saion Square (Shisa Lion Statue)
Tsuboya Pottery district (Naha City Pottery Museum)

Tsuboya pottery district

10- Asato Station

● Sakaemachi Market


11- Omoromachi Station

● Naha Main Place Shopping Center
● Omoromachi Park
● DFS Okinawa (duty-free shops)
Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum

Okinawa Prefectural Museum

12- Naha City Hospital Station

● Naha City Hospital
Sueyoshi Park and Sueyoshi Shrine (10-minute walk)

Sueyoshi Park

13- Furujima Station

14- Gibo Station

15- Shuri Station

16- Ishimine Station

17- Kyozuka Station

18- Urasoe Maeda Station

● Urasoe Gusuku Youdore Kan (remains of the Urasoe Castle, previous Royal residence before Shurijo Castle)
● Hacksaw Ridge (site of the battle depicted in the eponymous film)
● Urasoe Art Museum (Ryukyuan lacquerware, paintings, pottery, textiles, and metalwork)


18- Tedako Uranishi Station

● Tedako Hall (concert hall)