An oasis in the city

A walk into the park with beautifl nature and holy ground

Once you get into Onoyama and Manko park located along Kokuba river, you can forget the bustle and hustle of the city. Onoyama park has shrines and places of worship scattered over the park, such as Okinogu, one of 8 Ryukyu shrines and a popular spiritual spot.
A precious ecosystem still remains in Manko river, and a large mudflat will appear at low tide: Manko river's wetland is registered under the Ramsar Convention. Walking through the lush and green park, you can experience the pilgrimage and the nature observation at the same time.

START : Onoyama Park Yui Rail Station

  • 5 minutes walk (350m)

  • Okinogu Shrine


    Okinogū is thought to have been built in 1451. It was originally located on the premises of current Naha Port. Many people, including the King, used to visit the Shrine and pray for a safe sailing before ships left for China or Japan. In addition to the main hall, there are 7 stations and sacred sites to pray within the Shrine, where you can ask for a blessing.

  • 18 minutes walk (1.4km)

  • Manko Waterbird and Wetland Center

    Bird-watching in a protected wetland

    Walking through Onoyama Park and Manko Park, you can reach to Manko Water birds and Wetland Center.
    The center provides you with information about animals and plants found in Manko Wetland, which is registered as an important wetland and habitat for water birds under the Ramsar convention.
    You can observe water birds with binoculars from the observation deck, and crabs and gobies from a wooden causeway.
    The place is especially appreciated by bird lovers in autumn and winter, during the migration season.

  • 9 minutes walk (700m)

  • Toyomi Bridge

    A great view of the mangrove

    This 300m cable-stayed bridge over Manko wetland connects Toyomi to Naha-city . From the bridge, you can observe the fauna (especially waterbirds) of the underneath mangrove and mudflat.
    This mangrove within a city is completely different from those in the North or other islands in Okinawa: here you can see how cities and nature coexist.

  • 移動距離3.0㎞


Course map

  1. Okinogu Shrine
  2. Manko Waterbird and Wetland Center
  3. Toyomi Bridge