Shrines of the Ryukyus

Visit the 6 shrines in Naha

The Ryukyu Hassha are 8 shinto shrines that were deemed of great spiritual importance during the times of the Ryukyu Kingdom. There, the King and his entourage would attend rituals and pray for the prosperity of the country. Six of those eight shrines are located in Naha. The smallest ones are unmaned today, but all are fairly well preserved for the occasional worshippers. Visit the most sacred places of the kingdom's spiritual life.

START : 最寄りのバス停、駅をご確認ください

  • Take bus line 5 or 14 to Hantagawa bus stop

  • 1 minute walk (140m)

  • Shikina Shrine

    The shrine that cured a prince

    The Shikina shrine was particularly favored by the kings.
    It is said that in when the heir to the throne fell ill in 1500, the King prayed at this shrine for the recovery of his first son - his wish was granted. From 1644 on, the King himself would go there to pray three times a year. Within the shrine is a natural cave dedicated to Binzuru, one of the disciples of the Buddha, whose doors are open on the 1st and 15th of each month.

  • 2 minute walk (140m)

  • Take bus#5 heading for Arakawa Eigyosho from Hantagawa (Daido direction)→ get off at Medical Plaza Daido Chuo (9 stops, 12 minutes)

  • 6 minute walk (450m)

  • Asato Hachiman Shrine

    A small oasis in the city

    Asato Hachiman Shrine was built to pray for victory in the campaign for Kikai Island in 1466, and as a mark of gratitude when the campaign was successful. While all the other major shrines worship the deity Kumano Gongen, this one is dedicated to the god Hachiman. It was unfortunately destroyed during WW2, but was rebuilt in 1993.

  • walk for 7 minute (550m)

  • Take bus#13 heading for "Ishimine Eigyosho" from Medical Plaza Daido Chuo (Shuri direction) → alight at Taira (7 stops, 12 minutes)

  • Walk for 10 minutes (850m)

  • Sueyoshi Shrine

    Enjoy a hike in the woods

    This shrine was built atop a hill in 1456 to celebrate the deity Kumano Gongen. The main hall and its stone stairs were listed as a National Treasure in 1930, but the main hall burned down during WW2. A shrine was rebuilt at the original site in 1972, surrounded by nature.
    We advise visitors to wear comfortable clothes and sensible shoes, as the 30-minute climb to the shrine is steep. Please visit during daytime, as there are no lights along the way.

  • Walk for 16 minutes(1.2km)

  • Take the monorail to Onoyama Park Station (10 stations, about 18 minutes)

  • Walk for 4 minutes(350m)

  • Okinogu Shrine

    Step through the white gate

    Among the few shrines scattered throughout Onoyama Park, Okinogu Shrine is easily recognizable by the white torii gates leading to its courtyard. Built in 1451, the original shrine was initially located on the premises of what is now Naha Port (near Asahibashi): many people would visit the shrine before setting sail to pray for safety at sea, beginning with the king himself. The shrine moved to its current location after the war, and is said to bring good fortune to its visitors.

  • Walk for 5 minutes(350m)

  • Walk to Onoyama-koen-eki man bus stop (below the monorail station) and take bus#11 heading for "Ishimine Eigyosho" → Get off at Uenoya (12 stops, 20 minutes)

  • Walk for 7 minutes (650m)

  • Ameku Shrine

    A little known local shrine

    Built around 1465 in front a cave where the goddess Benzaiten is said to have appeared, Ameku Shrine was also rebuilt in 1972 after being detroyed during the war.
    The stairs beside the torii gate will take you to the shrine and its different votive steles. A rare feature of this shrine is the presence of a sacred site utaki just below the prayer hall.

  • Walk for 9 minutes (650m)

  • Tomari Takahashi bus stop → take bus #3 heading for "Arakawa Eigyosho" (Naha bus terminal direction) → Get off at Nishinjo (6 stops, 10 minutes)

  • walk 3 minutes (280m)

  • Naminoue Shrine

    The shrine "above the waves"

    Though the exact date is not known, it is thought that Naminoue Shrine was built in the 14th century: it is the highest ranked shrine in Okinawa. As the name suggests it, the shrine is overlooking the Naha bay from atop a cliff, its bright red main hall beautifully contrasting with the white rocks and deep blue sea.

  • 所需時間320分鐘


Course map

  1. Shikina Shrine
  2. Asato Hachiman Shrine
  3. Sueyoshi Shrine
  4. Okinogu Shrine
  5. Ameku Shrine
  6. Naminoue Shrine