8 souvenir shops around Kokusai-dori: sweet potato pies and chinsuko cookies

Okinawa general store Hibiscus Okinawa general store Hibiscus

"Our ""Hibiscus"", ""Yunagi"", and ""Ryukyu market"" shops have every kind of Okinawan souvenirs: local foods, Awamori rice liquor, sweets, limited products and character goods, including some exclusive that you won't find anywhere else.
Our prices are cheaper than Kokusai-dori! We also have specialty stores for Ryukyu Glass, Shisa lions, and Awamori, and can ship in bulk."

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Company name Yunagi Ltd.
Street address 〒900-0013
Okinawa, Naha, Makishi 3-1-22
Website http://www.hibis-cus.com/
Payment methods
cashJCBVISAMasterCUPEdyOther credit cards

PayPay, aupay, d-pay, LINEpay, Melpay

Parking available
No Parking
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Perks: discounts

Special offer for students on school trips



098 - 860 - 9008


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    Postcard for purchases of ¥1000 and over

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    Reusable shopping bag for purchases of ¥2000 and over


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