Exploring Naha's seafront

The gateway to Okinawa

Worshipping "Nirai Kanai", the gods beyond the sea, the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom was once a prosperous maritime empire, with trade routes extending all over Asia. Some traces of that history can still be found on modern day Naha's waterfront, in Wakasa district, near the city's only sand beach.

START : Asahibashi Station

  • 15minute walk (1.1km)

  • Naminoue Shrine

    Okinawa's number one shrine

    Built on an ancient sacred site, the King would visit this shrine every New Year to pray for peace and prosperity. The shrine office sells beautiful bingata lucky charms for you to take home.

  • 2-minute walk (120m)

  • Naminoue Beach (Umizora Park)

    The only sand beach in Naha

    The only white sand beach within walking distance from downtown Naha, with all kind of facilities: showers and changing rooms, a marine sports equipment rental, and even a BBQ space. There also is a stunning view of Naminoue Shrine overlooking the beach for amateur photographs.

  • 5-minute walk (350m)

  • Dragon Pillars

    The entrance to downtown Naha

    Dragon pillars are sometimes found in Okinawa standing guard outside gates, warding buildings from evil influences. The 15m-high, 3m-wide columns in Wakasa Park are welcoming visitors coming from the airport and cruise terminal to the central part of Naha.

  • 5-minute walk (400m)

  • Fukushuen Garden

    The colorful and exotic

    Fukushuen Garden was first opened in September 1992 to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the friendship agreement between Naha and the Chinese city of Fuzhou. Everything, from the planning to the construction, was conducted by Fuzhou workers to create an authentic Chinese style garden, complete with a miniature mountain, a waterfall and various pavillions.

  • 移動距離2.0㎞


Course map

  1. Naminoue Shrine
  2. Naminoue Beach (Umizora Park)
  3. Dragon Pillars
  4. Fukushuen Garden